Hey my name is Kaytlin Pelton and I am your newest florist here in Eureka SD. I couldn’t be more excited to start a business. First let me start with a little information about myself! I grew up in Aberdeen SD which is only 75miles South East from Eureka. I grew up with a younger sister and my parents. I attended High School at Aberdeen Central where I graduated in the spring on 2008.

The fall of 2008 I moved on to Post Secondary School at South Dakota State University in Brookings SD.  Throughout my education there I was strongly involved with different organizations, associations, and traveling. I graduated in Spring of 2013 with my Bachelor in Science, major in Biology with minors in Animal Science and Zoology.

I had big plans from there to move on and work with the marine life and growing my education from there.  I guess you could say that wasn’t exactly the way it all panned out. I ended up moving to Hosmer SD, about 20miles south of Eureka. I started my position there as a veterinary technician. That following May I moved up to Eureka to be closer to family, Eureka is also my mother’s hometown, renting a small two-bedroom house with my best friend Ebby (my mini Saint Bernard). I move forward from the vet clinic and began working at the local pharmacy in town. While working there I got a little more involved in the community with joining a few organizations and working part-time as a waitress. A little under a year it was time for a change again and I wasn’t really sure where and what I wanted to do with my life. I ended up working for one of the general stores in town and that is where I started arranging flowers. I absolutely fell in love with it and knew I could do this for a living. At one point when I was at a class I was visiting with my mother and had made a comment to her that this was it, this is what I want to do! The people were amazing in the industry and it’s always a growing and fast paced world.

At that point I started looking into details of owning your own business and what it really entailed! It took me around 6 months to get everything organized but I finally made the move out on my own. And even at that point I was far from organized but that was all right I was doing what I love and there is room to grow and organize.  Currently I reside in Artas living with my Fiancé on the family farm and travel into town everyday to keep doing my passion.

So now Hometown Boutique, that’s my store and I couldn’t be more proud of it! It started small in a little office space renting from my Aunt who owns the Hair Salon in town. I most recently purchases a lot with a two story house, garage and cement slap with a large grass area. I am so excited to have the store front and much more space! Currently I have fresh cut flowers, green and blooming plants, helium balloons, gift items, greeting cards, ribbons, sympathy items, and will be jumping into the garden area this spring! I hope to even grow from that and add jewelry, sweets, drinks, and stuffed animals! I am also working on special orders for those items that I might not keep on hand but being able to make it accessible for those that want it for gift items or personals!

I have just recently hit my 1 year mark and couldn’t be more excited and proud of it!

I hope everyone has a chance to come in and visit and I wouldn’t be where I am without all the support I have received!