Here are a number of different indoor-house plants I carry in the shop throughout the year!

Special orders may be made throughout the year, with a two week advance notice.

Indoor Plants –

Abroricola                  Arrow Head                 Bromeliad               Bamboo(s)

China Doll                  Chinese Evergreen       Corn Plant               Croton

Cyclamen                   Dish Garden                 English Ivy              Fern(s)

Kalanchoe                  Orchid                         Palm                       Peace Lilly

Philodendron(s)          Pothos                         Prayer Plant            Rubber

Snake Plant                Spider                         Succulents        Spotted Dumbcane

Umbrella Tree              Xanadu ZeeZee

Seasonal Plants –

Christmas Cactus         Poinsettia       Azalea      African Violet    Easter Lily

Indoor Outdoor Seasonal –

Florist Mum Bulb Garden Gerbera Hydrangea

The shop also does a greenhouse each spring with a number of outdoor plants available, including potted and hanging plants